Where in the world is Rebecca?

If you're in my online classes and you haven't heard from  me  in a few days, it is possible I'm taking a much-needed break. Check below to see if I have a scheduled day off.  This is quite likely especially in July and August when I like to go hiking.  Of course sometimes I do miss emails or questions in the courses, so if you know I'm around and I don't answer within a day or two, let me know! If you're not a member of my online school, expect a much longer response time (or jump into an online class if you have questions about tapestry weaving!).


Webster Arts show

August  14, 2018

The Warp and Weft show opening in St. Louis, MO is August 14th, 2018. Come join me to look at all the tapestries! More information HERE and HERE.


Other August events

August 20-23,  2018

I will be teaching a retreat at CSU Mountain Campus. This location is high in the Rocky Mountains and the internet service is spotty at best. Please continue to ask your questions, but sometimes I just can't get wifi up there. I will catch up August 24th.  And maybe this year the wifi will be better. 

Better yet, put June 2019 on your calendar for a tapestry retreat for yourself at this venue.

August 25 to September 9, 2018

I will be taking a complete vacation for these two weeks. I will not be answering emails or online questions. There are no tapestry emergencies, but I do understand that some problems can be especially frustrating. If you're in the Facebook group for my online classes, please ask your question there. Many people in that group know what I'd say!

If you're not on FB, please take a deep breath, review the material, and if you can't figure it out, just experiment. I'll get back to you sometime September 10 or 11. Also remember that there are other people in your class who can help. If you ask the question in the course, someone may point you to the material you need to see.